Village of Elgin Winery

471 Elgin Road, Elgin, Arizona 85611

The Village of Elgin Winery is located in the heart of the Sonoita Wine Region, in downtown Elgin. Wines here are hand-crafted using traditional methods, grape handling and sorting are done by hand and time is taken to ensure the wines are perfectly balanced prior to bottling.

The Village of Elgin wine makers also produce Tombstone Wine Works® and Four Monkey Wines®, which can be sampled in their tasting room everyday from 10am until 4pm.

Each of their wineries produce aged red and white wines, ranging from sweet to very dry. Winemakers utilize several different wood barrel types, including oak, chestnut and redwood.

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Wines of Note:

~ Dry Riesling

~ Blanc de Merlot

~ Old World Cuvee

~ Sangiovese

Insider Information:

* Open daily 10am-4pm